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HDS 2894: Public Narrative, Professor Marshall Ganz )

Ganz left Harvard in the 60s to work with César Chávez, stopped in Chicago with Saul Alinsky, and eventually made his way back to finish his BA in the 90s. He quickly followed it with a PhD and now lectures on organizing and moral leadership at the Kennedy School. (this was for [livejournal.com profile] dcart :)

HDS 1210 The Christian Bible and Its Interpretation, Professor Peter Gomes )

I sort of want to know what Gomes thinks about religion.

HDS 1533 Johannine Writings in History and Theology, Professor Sean Freyne )

I need a Scriptural Interpretation class, and John is pretty fascinating.

HDS 1842 Exploring Jewish Christianity From the First to the Fourth Century c.e., Professor Sean Freyne )

Freyne's supposed to be quite good on 1st century stuff, and this seminar seems custom-made for a bunch of questions I've had. It might be a bit too much Freyne on Tuesdays, though. :)

I'm still thinking about taking the Old Testament survey, as well, but the scheduling is fairly inconvenient (I would have to sprint from andover to the yard every friday, for fear of being late for Gomes's class. I don't really want to be in that situation. Plus, OT is the course most likely to have a final, and this is the last year for finals after Christmas).
I would remain lost in the woods without an effective Other Religion, though. There's a Bhagavad Gita class I would like to take, but it conflicts with the Jewish Christianity class.


May. 24th, 2008 11:14 pm
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We survived the drive from Boston to Cleveland in good shape, and even managed to sneak into Michael Symon's Lola for dessert (see last night's post).

My friend Mike is good and married; saw some people from high school, went to the biergarden-themed reception (yay! though I wasn't drinking), skipped out on dessert (boo) to drive to Detroit, where we are now ensconced in the holiday inn express southfield and getting ready to go to church tomorrow with Pastor Adams at Hartford Memorial Baptist. Then, onward to rochester!
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Wow. James Cone's voice is a lot higher than I expected it to be.


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