Dec. 12th, 2009 09:50 am
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So, there's this thing in Cambridge (also in other place now, but it started in Cambridge). The Christmas Revels. And I always have a hard time describing it or why everyone should go. Imagine, if you will, a bunch of people who like to go to Ren Faires. Morris Dancers, period instrument players, people who can do longsword dances, etc. Scatter them throughout a program of 36 skits. Then come up with a theme to pull all 36 acts together, based on a Christmas/Solstice tradition from somewhere. Make it different every year. Then go and get some really strong singers and storytellers to anchor a massive adult and children's chorus in singing songs and acting out illustrative images from that tradition. As you approach the end, read a poem written by Susan Cooper for the event, right near the end. And, finally, add a wandering minstrel who can get the audience involved in singing rounds and dancing out of the hall together at intermission. And there you have the Revels.

And it was fantastic this year. By far the strongest chorus I've seen in the 6ish years we've been going. The songs and theme were basically comfort food for these uncertain times, and well-done. No pineswood morris men this year, but that allowed some ladies to get into the sword dance, which we appreciated.

Also, my friends who came over and stayed with mattie for 5 hours while we were out on the town are totally awesome.

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I just got back from the Portland Revels! I've gone every year with my aunt and family down here, since I went west. This year was an Irish theme; I'm glad that they found non-offensive lyrics to Lilleburlero so that everyone could join in. :)


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